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How do we get free medication?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers provide medication to help those who are uninsured. These are called patient assistance programs (PAP). We bring together these different programs to create a simple, easy application process for hospitals and clinics to help their patients gain access to our database of drugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I be on multiple patient assistance programs and still get help from Harbor Path?

    Yes, as long as the medication you are receiving is not the same medication you are applying for with Harbor Path.

    Do I have to apply for other programs before applying to Harbor Path?

    No, patients can be either pending or denied other coverage.

    How will I receive my medications? Can my medications be sent to my home?

    Medications can be shipped to your home or your clinic, whichever is easiest for you.

    How long is the enrollment period?

    The enrollment period can be up to six months, but if you are not able to find another assistance program you can re-enroll at the end of that time.

    How can I enroll my facility in the Harbor Path program?

    Please contact DeAnne Rease at the Harbor Path office at 980-859-3483.

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