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New Online Community To Provide Important Support for People Living with HCV


Charlotte, NC - March 10, 2017, HarborPath has launched a new 'community' on the HealthUnlocked network, which will provide valuable support and information to people living with HCV, supporting them to live healthier lives.


HarobrPath is a non-profit organization that provides access to life-saving medications for uninsured people living with chronic illnesses free of charge.


The new community will provide patients with an online space, for people with HDV to Visit and access support and information from others with the same conditions and expertise from the charity. It will drive better health outcomes for patients living with this condition. 


By coming to the community people will also benefit form HealthUnlocked technology, which makes tailored health related recommendations, directs people to useful information, connects them with others like them and highlights research activities, such as clinical trials, that may be of interest.


Ken Trogdon, Jr., President of HarborPath said: "This community will offer people a new space to interact with others, potentially changing their lives for the better."


"The Community will be a place where you can come to, to talk about the health issues affecting patients living with complex chronic conditions such as HCV".


Chief Medical Officer, Matt Jameson Evans of HealthUnlocked said: "support and information are one of the largest factors in people managing their own health. Our communities provide vital support, allowing people who are experiencing similar health issues to ask questions and receive information.


"This new community has the opportunity to transform and dramatically improve the lives of many people."


About HarborPath:


HarborPath is a non-profit organization that provides access to life-saving medications for uninsured people living with chronic illnesses. Through an online portal, healthcare professionals can apply for multiple medications donated by pharmaceutical partners on behalf of their uninsured patients living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and other complex chronic conditions through a single application. Eligibility status is determined immediately, and the HarborPath mail order pharmacy ships medications within 48 hours of program approval. for more information, visit www.harborpath.org


About HealthUnlocked:


600 health-specific communities, 305 million monthly users, and its own health-specific Artificial Intelligence. It connects patients with conditions like arthritis or cancer to solve day to day challenges together






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