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Why Choose HarborPath?

We feature a single application process, with real-time eligibility determination, that enables multiple prescribed medications to be shipped at one time.  The HarborPath Portal eliminates duplicate paperwork and offers online refills. Medications are shipped within 48 hours of application approval and can be delivered to either the patient’s home or healthcare facility.

Program Requirements:

Program is for uninsured outpatients care only

Must meet income guidelines based on manufacturer requirements

Proof of Income Required:  Pay stubs, Income Tax Return, W-2, Award Letter, No Income Letter of Support

Patient must be a U.S. resident

Signed application by patient and provider

Prescription signed by provider and must include patient identifiers (patient name, date of birth)

All supporting documents and prescriptions must be uploaded into the portal

A final Insurance verification will be conducted by HarborPath staff

Partnering Manufacturers and Medications Available:

AbbVie: Kaletra, Norvir

Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc.: Edurant, Intelence, Prezcobix, Prezista, Symtuza

Merck: Avelox, Crixivan, Dulera, Emend, Isentress, Janumet, Janument XR, Januvia, Maxalt, Maxalt MLT, Proventil, Trusopt, Zepatier, Zetia


Mylan: Cimduo, Symfi, Symfi Lo

VIIV Healthcare: Combivir, Epivir, Epzicom, Lexiva, Rescriptor, Retrovir, Selzentry, Tivicay, Triumeq, Trizivir, Viracept, Ziagen

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General Information:


Where is HarborPath located?

Charlotte, NC

How does HarborPath work?

HarborPath designed and operates an electronic online portal where case managers and patient advocates can access medications for multiple disease states and process a patient assistance program application. The system was developed in alignment with the business rules of the pharmaceutical companies programs to ensure that all of the required data is captured regardless of which drug is requested. The overall portal design provides case managers and patient advocates with access to multiple manufacturers medications allowing for one time data entry. This reduces the time case managers and patient advocates must spend processing PAP applications and refills. Furthermore, it frees them up to provide better quality care to current patients and time to extend services to new potential patients. 

How long can patients receive their medications?

The enrollment period can be up to six months.

How do I apply?

HarborPath must have Business Agreements with partnering facilities. To learn more or request a Business Agreement, please contact DeAnne Rease at or at 980-859-3483. The Portal is accessed through the HarborPath website at Case managers or patient advocates enter the application electronically and upload supporting documentation to the portal. Once uploaded, the HarborPath staff will process the applications and determine eligibility.

How long does it take for my patient’s application to be approved?

Once the case manager has completed the application and uploaded the supporting documents into the HarborPath Portal, HarborPath will conduct a final insurance verification.  If no insurance is found, the application will be processed and the medication is shipped within 48 hours of application approval.

Where can case managers and patient advocates obtain an application from?

The application will be generated by the HarborPath Portal during the application process.

How will my patient receive their medications?

Medications are shipped via USPS, first class mail to either the patient’s home or healthcare facility.

Can my patient apply for more than one medication?

Yes, multiple medications can be ordered on one application.

Does my patient need to live within the United States?

Yes, the patient must live within the United States.

What do I do if my patient experiences an adverse effect from their medications?

The patient needs to call HarborPath within 24 hours of the adverse effect.

How do I know if my patient is approved?

The patient’s status will show “Enrolled” or “Denied” in the portal. The patient will receive a welcome letter with their shipment of medication(s).

How does my patient get refills?

Refills can be ordered online by the case manager or patient advocate.

If I am applying for my patient and their partner, does HarborPath require two applications?

Yes, for each patient there must be an application, income document and a prescription.

Does my patient need to be pending other coverage in order to apply for HarborPath?

No, the patient can be either pending or denied other coverage. The patient can be anything but approved for other coverage

As a case manager, can I apply to HarborPath if my patient has been denied for ADAP?

Yes. The patient can be denied for ADAP and still qualify for HarborPath.

Does HarborPath only serve patients that are on an ADAP waiting List?

No, HarborPath serves patients who are pending other coverage or those denied by other programs.

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