2015 News

HarborPath Milestones August, 2014 - August, 2015


  • Grant received from AVON

  • HarborPath appoints Donna Sweet, MD as Chair and Andrea Weddle, MSW Vice Chair

  • Portal data of University of Alabama at Birmingham’s enrolled patients provided as basis for UAB adherence study of the HarborPath program

  • Onsite training successfully conducted with multiple medical facilities in Alabama and Louisiana, promoting portal use and resulting in increased application volume as well as new clinic partnerships

  • HarborPath appoints three new board members, Hyman Muss, MD, Sandy Moulton, JD, MPH and Susanna Naggie, MD, MHS

  • Portal study results submitted as joint HarborPath/UAB abstract for the 2015 HIV/HCV Summit and accepted for Poster and Oral presentation

  • Expansion of HarborPath partnering clinics throughout Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina and Texas in areas of high-need

  • HarborPath expands staff to accommodate increase in patient application volume

  • Grant received from Broadway Cares

  • Poster abstract presented at 2015 HIV/HCV Summit; oral presentation by HarborPath

  • Board Chair Donna Sweet, MD and Ken Trogdon, President. Abstract study data also presented by UAB at the 2015 Adherence conference in Miami, FL

  • Celebrated the signing of Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. Agreement, adding their medications to the portal program

  • HarborPath celebrated 3 years of service to the uninsured living with HIV since being launched by President Clinton in 2012

  • To date, over 8,000 prescriptions have been filled at a value in excess of $11.2M



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